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FITA is an exclusive importer of goods from Asia.

The moment we entered the market, we knew that we wanted to offer environmentally friendly, economical, and most effective household products. Consequently, the first brand we selected was Liby that produces phosphate-free house detergents.

The stereotype about Chinese goods quality disappeared at Russian Far East a long time ago. However, it still existed in the West. Nevertheless, our steady strategy helps us to conquer the market gradually, region by region. Now, Liby is widely known and loved from Kamchatka to Crimea.

Market’s demand for environmentally friendly house detergents pushed us to search for professional disinfecting cleaners that would be suitable for household needs. We found ones without distinct chemical scent in Vewin brand. This brand offers a wide variety of goods for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet as well as for disinfection use.

Then South Korea brand O-ZONE was added to our brand portfolio. It was our first time working with oral health care products and it appeared to be successful! A high level of interest in Asian personal care products helped this brand to enter the West market.

At the beginning of 2019, we brought household products produced by Rocket soap-one of the oldest concerns in Japan.

A contract with a Japanese manufacturer can be signed only if the company has a spotless reputation and rich experience working with Asian goods. FITA has the required qualities. We select the suppliers of goods carefully and offer the best from the Asian market!

FITA. Household detergents and personal care products from Japan, South Korea, and China.

We aim to offer our clients only the best goods from the Asian market and select the suppliers carefully. At the selection, we are guided by the current demands of the most discerning customers.

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